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How To Exercise For The Brain

We all have our bad days. Whatever the reason may be, but all of us go through certain days that we hoped did not ever happen. But then, what is done is done and we are left with no choice but to simply move on in the following days. But ... Read More >>

Why Boxing As An Exercise For Women

I am sure that most of you would agree that some of the most awaited sports event on TV is a boxing match. Two people in a ring, fighting for a prestigious title amuses not only sports enthusiasts but almost everyone from different ... Read More >>

Look in the Mirror, What Is Your Body Type?

Try to look around and you will see different people in different shapes. There are the skinny ones, the fat ones and the naturally muscular buff ones. Some look crazily gifted while others seem would want to blame genetics. That is why a ... Read More >>

Tips To Stop Junk Food Cravings

I have about 8 more day before my 30 day paleo diet is over. There were times where it was hard to control the cravings of a cookie. But sometimes the problem lies on how to effectively achieve it. Most people engage on diets, but we all ... Read More >>

NutriBullet Recipe: Post Workout Green Mix

I am categorizing this as foods because technically it is. Every morning after my 6am workout, I have a drink. What the typical weight lifting person drink is protein. Believe me, this is what I use to drink as well because it helps with ... Read More >>

Caveman Diet for 30 Days. What is the Paleo Diet?

So I am about 6 days into my new routine and diet. I have been reading about paleo diets and why it is better etc. Dieting is the most painful part of this new 30 day routine I am doing because I LOVE FOOD! With this Paleo Diet, I ... Read More >>

30 Day Self Test: No Alcohol, Harder Workout Routine

Today starts my 30 day new routine. This new routine will help me, hopefully, drink less or maybe even cut it out completely and lean up for the summer in just 30 days. This routine will be all about a new diet, exercise, and no alcoholic ... Read More >>

Five Ways Of Exercising For Lazy People

In a day, we have 1440 minutes. But for some, allotting at least 20-30 minutes of their day for exercise seem like a burden. These people would rather lie down, watch the television in their couches or kill time surfing the internet. But we ... Read More >>

2 Quick Simple Ways to Exercise at Work

Most professionals who allot eight hours a day in the five or six days of the week hardly have enough time to exercise at work and be active. Most would opt spending their free time maybe resting at home, or taking short vacations during ... Read More >>

Flat Abs Diet – Eat Right to Win Flat Abs

As many may know, the strong desire and will power is crucial to keep you going on your road to getting ripped and toned body. if you are really serious about losing weight or toning your body, then you have to read on. It’s time to drop ... Read More >>