Bought the Ninja NJ600 Professional Blender

Today I bought the Ninja NJ600 Professional Blender. Excited. This past week I was contemplating on if I wanted to buy a juicer or an all purpose blender. I personally already have a blender but it isn’t the best of its kind. The other night I saw an infomercial for the Ninja NJ600 blender and I just had to get one, it looked easy enough to use. Press a couple buttons, boom, done.

I went to Kohls which is down the street from my condo community and I just bought it. I just bought the blender, I didn’t see any use for the other items, maybe later in life I will grab it. Anways, I know own a Ninja Blender.

I took it out of the box and it is a pretty decent size blender, similar to the ones you see at the bars when they make frozen drinks.

I was pretty excited, once I bought the Ninja NJ600 blender, I drove down the street to the super market and started buying fruits and vegetables. I personally don’t eat enough of the greens or the fruits either, so I am using blending as an alternative to make it enter my system. I went to the super market and bought spinach (hate it), mangos, carrots, and bananas. I also bought soy milk and whey protein as addition to my blending.

Picture below…

My first blending experiment is putting bananas and spinach together. I personally don’t like spinach, but I know they are good for you. Rich in lutein for your eyes and all that good stuff. If its green its good for you, that is what I have been told growing up. So anyways, here is my mix:

  1. 4 cups soy milk, vanilla flavor
  2. 2 hand full of spinach
  3. 1 full bananna
  4. 2 cups of whey protein
That is it, I blended it with the Ninja NJ600 and it actually came out amazing. It literally took like less than 1 minute for the blending to take place and the drink was smooth. I was surprise at myself for making something amazing on my first try. I am now pretty excited to start mixing a bunch of vegetables together and start living a more healthy lifestyle. If you have any blending ideas you would like to share, post your comments below. Also if you have used the Ninja NJ600 before, I would like to here your thoughts.
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