Shakeology, Better than Weight Gainer?

I finally did it. I bought a bunch of tiny packets of Shakeology. I been wanting to really try it and I had free sample from my weekly P90X fitness group. Since I am going to be traveling in the next couple days, I decided to just buy a bunch. I figured if I can’t bring my HUGE container protein shakes, might as well travel with 5 packets of shakeology. It will be easier too.

So I got a full order and I got the mix of Green berry and Chocolate. Personally I am a vanilla person, it also was teh reason why I kinda held back from ordering shakeology because I like mixing things with vanilla. When I have my weight gainer, I mix it with strawberries or a banana and other things. I hope the greenberry will be a good flavor. We shall see.

But is Shakeology better than Weight gainer?

I do not know… but I will let you know in the next couple days. Over the next week before I travel, I will start taking Shakeology and let you know my results. I have been taking weight gainers and protein shakes for so long, so I will let you know if I feel anything internally change and how my body reacts.

Stay tuned to my results, because it will be interesting to see how shakeology will help me with my weight training workouts.

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