Will Ensure Plus Drink Help You Gain Weight?

I have been drinking Ensure as an alternative to my mass gainers because it has been upsetting my stomach lately. Not sure why, might be the new brand I bought. Anyways, I decided to grab a pack of Ensure, it has calories and proteins but it is fairly expensive for just a 6 pack. Imagine buying these things in bulk at the regular store price – it will cost more than my weight gainer mix.

I pose the question will Ensure help me gain weight? It has the calories and can also be used as a meal replacement.

In the past I have drank Ensure Plus and I took about 2 bottles a day. One right after my workout and then one right after my dinner. Ensure plus has 350 calories each, almost half of what my weight gainer has, 650 calories. So I figured it can help me gain weight.

Usually anything with a high calorie count can help you gain weight, but not all calories are good calories. For example beer has a lot of calories but it is bad calories. Anyways, Ensure is a healthy meal replacement and for me a replacement for the weight gainer that has been giving me some stomach issues.

Each bottle of Ensure Plus has the right balance of 350 nutrient rich calories, 13 grams of protein and 24 essential vitamins and minerals to help you take charge of your health. This is great because I am lactose and tolerant, so this mixture doesn’t upset my stomach. I think Ensure is mixed with some type of Soy, which is what I usually mix with my weight gainers.

Now that  am using Ensure as a source to gain weight, I have notice a small change on a day by day basis. I definitely also feel energized. When I take my weight gainers I am either tired or hyper, it all depends on the brand I guess.Ensure so far has been great to my stomach and hopefully in a couple weeks i can notice a big weight difference.

I am going to start looking for the Ensure powder mix if I can find it. Ensure isn’t sold in GNC or Vitamin Shoppe – I personally haven’t noticed it. It will be expensive if I keep buying the 6 pack every 3 days.

Have you tried Ensure Plus? Has it helped you gain weight?

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  • Shorty Mack :)

    You probably dont need to buy the powder because the little one is the same as the 6 pack one but you maay only have enough for 4 at Walmart

  • Sweetgabrielle96

    I drink ensure plus also, it is delicious!!!! I was drinking two a day, everyday but I had to cut it down to one .. Cause in one month I gained 12 lbs… But ensure plus is so much better tasting than the regular ensure….

  • Taninamel

    I just had a surgery and I looked online for something that can help me gain some weight and I found out about Ensure Plus in some people’s reviews, so I decided to buy it and drink it with a meal, lol now I taste coke funny, coffee too, yeaaah finally. I hope I ll gain some weight and Ill let you know I just started about  a week ago, works good so far.

  • Jr2591

    Really omg cause I want to gain like 20 pounds. And which flavor is better?

  • Jr2591

    Which flavor is the best and how many a day and during what time of the day is best for me to drink them?

  • Mztip23

    I just start drinkin it today hopfully by next month ill c aye change im tryn to gain

  • Mztip23

    Mayb i need to try two aye day

  • andrew

    I started drinking 2 ensure shakes with every meal a few days ago. I work out every day, and so far, I’ve put on 6 lbs in one week. This stuff is unreal. Strawberry is one of their better flavors.

  • Valesalamandre

    Hey what about ensure advanced, it is for older people but it also has proteins and it says that helps to gain weight????? Ensure advanced comes in powder, so it could be cheaper.

  • http://www.ianfernando.com Ian Fernando

    protein is protein I think.

  • http://www.InstantPaydayNetwork/Taystewart1.com Taystewart1

    I gained 25 pounds with ensure in about 4 months.. good weight too.  its been 6 months since i’ve taken ensure once a day and i’ve still maintained the weight.  Make sure you work out three times a week if you don’t want to put on any fat when taking it. For best results, take after you work out and on off days take it about 30min-1hr before bed.  The only downside to ensure plus is it is mad expensive.. but well worth it!

  • Shaz26182

    Hi I’ve had 4 kids and I look like a skeleton people say I look like a anorexia I cry nearly everyday cos my kids are fatter than me I ate being skinny I’ve had waight gain pluss pills now I’m on more pills they don’t work I eat a lot I don’t ars let drink water but I have 6 hot chocklates aday I want to try ensure pluse but does it work cos I can’t afford to waste money